one act play - fall prevention

Denying Gravity provides an inspiring theater experience that twists and turns between comedy and drama. A minor misstep interrupts the good life "Claire" has been living and she is annoyed, yet somewhat amused, to find herself challenged, until she realizes she has fallen down a rabbit hole into the realm of The Unexpected. The message makes audience members want to be advocates for fall prevention.

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denying gravity scene 1 clip "danger zone"

Check out this clip from Denying Gravity 2018 featuring Rick Kastel (as narrator), Gay Lora Grooms (as Claire), and Pat Mahan (as Pat). Claire enters the danger zone...

Denying Gravity Scene 1 Clip "Observation"

Check out this clip from Denying  Gravity 2018 featuring Pat Mahan (Pat) and Gay Lora Grooms (Claire). Claire is determined to escape...

Denying Gravity Scene 2 "Fall Risk Assessment"

Check out this clip from Denying Gravity featuring Gay Lora Grooms (Claire) and Beverly Jean Pellegrini (Susan). Claire gets fiesty...