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Our Purpose

SAGES Theater Inc. is a locally based, 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that presents "Plays with Purpose" highlighting a positive image of aging and featuring senior actors in meaningful leading roles. Our goal of inter-generational collaboration on key topics for older adults stimulates discussion and enhances access to community theater for all ages. We can all learn from each other and help one another to live our very best and most fulfilling lives at any age.

SAGES Theater Inc. at the first performance of Denying Gravity in 2018.

Our Team

SAGES Theater Inc. was founded by a dynamic, talented, and determined senior who wanted to see the stories of her peers celebrated on stage. The rest of us were drawn in by her charisma and love of community theater. Each Play with Purpose is born and shared through the generous donation of time and talent from our many actors, stage managers, tech crew, director, and playwright. Our Board of Directors and committee members are what have made this non-profit venture possible and we are so thankful to all of them!


Our History

SAGES (Senior Actors Guild & Education Services) began in 2014 with a play written to address the complex lives of seniors that were not being reflected on the community theater stage. The success of that first play led to the development of 4 more original one-act plays, each tackling different life-changing topics. These real-life experiences of older adults onstage were welcomed with open arms. In late 2017, our SAGES playwright paired up with a strong senior advocate on the topic of fall prevention and Denying Gravity was born. From its first performance at the Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center in February 2018, with an audience of close to 500, it has served as a unique outreach to seniors to raise awareness on fall prevention, the leading cause of injuries and death for older Americans. The impact has been undeniable and led to the formation of SAGES Theater Inc. as a non profit in early 2019.

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